Magnum Inverters

Magnum inverter models: MS4448PAE, MS4024PAE, MSH4024RE & more.

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Magnum Inverter ME2012

$1,481.44 $1,270.08
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MS4448PAE Magnum Inverter

$2,943.04 $2,523.15
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Magnum Inverter MS4024

$2,734.24 $2,344.14
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Magnum Inverter ME3112

$1,951.24 $1,672.85
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MSH4024RE Magnum Inverter

$2,943.04 $2,478.39
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Magnum Inverter MS4024PAE

$2,890.84 $2,478.39
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Magnum Inverter MS2812

$2,608.96 $2,452.89
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Magnum Inverter MS2012

$2,264.44 $1,941.36
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Magnum Inverter ME2512

$1,690.24 $1,449.09
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Why buy a Magnum inverter?

Experience: Magnum Energy is a leading manufacturer of inverters and inverter/chargers. Magnum products are the best in the business; with over 70 years of combined inverter design and manufacturing experience, Magnum knows inverters:

Reliability: Made in America: Magnum inverters are manufactured in Everett, Washington, and St. Paul, Minnesota, U.S.A.

Quality: You get what you pay for, simple. These are not cheaply made, mass produced products, as a result, Magnum costs more because you get more: more quality you can count on.

Why do I need an inverter? Inverters convert the direct current or DC output from solar panels into an alternating current or AC, as a result, the electricity can then be used by regular appliances, or sent to an electrical grid, and also, used by an off-grid solar power system.

Expert Advice:Our inverter experts work on DC to AC solar applications everyday. Customers count on us for accurate advice and information.
We have been proudly serving Canadians since 2009
It is our goal to help you get the best solar products at the best price. If you have any questions, we are always willing to help, so please feel free to contact us.

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