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Z Bracket Kit

Z Bracket Kit

$ 16.58

Z Bracket Kit from Switch Energy includes 4 Z brackets and the hardware for mounting a solar panel to a flat surface. Great for use on RV’s and cabin roofs.

Lorentz Etatrack Active 3300

$ 5,638.50

The Lorentz Etatrack Active 3300 is a single axis solar tracker. This solar tracking system is designed for the installation of 20 – 60 cell PV-modules.

12′(3.65m) helical pier included

Required tools and equipment for assembling:

– Ring or open end flat spanner, wrench size 16, 18, 24 und 30mm
– Ratchet spanner ½“ and Socket nuts (½“-drive) for wrench size 16, 18, 24 und 30mm
– Socket nut for module clamp bolts to suppliers specifications
– Torque wrench ½“ (required torque 10-230Nm, 30 – 180 lbs.-ft.)
– Rubber Mallet
– Four strong assembling trestles
– Big 90° stop bracket
– Measuring tape 5m
– Marker for steel
– Safety shoes, helmet and safety equipment for lifting and handling steel parts over head