160W MPPT Folding Solar Panel Kit

$ 393.46

160W Folding Solar Panel Kit

Charge up your battery using this 160Watt folding solar panel kit and the sun’s energy. It is very easy and quick to connect the panels to a battery (not included)  and then you can connect an inverter (not included) and charge a laptop or other device. It’s an excellent system to use with RV’s, boats, vans, golf carts and for camping. The folding panel kit includes a waterproof carrying bag which makes the kit very portable. The kit also comes with solar modules and racks, a cable, and mppt controller. When you can’t plug into regular electricity, you will want to use this kit.

1. High-efficiency Mono crystalline modules provide the best power output performance and portable performance.
2. Smart design in folding and bracing makes it easy to carry and operate.
3. Output voltage adjustable between 18V and 36V, alternative to 12V and 24V systems.
4. Intelligent charging controller can identify 12V or 24V system voltage automatically.

Waterproof bag, Solar Modules, Racks, Cables, and MPPT Controller

Maximum Power-Pmax (Wp) 160
Voltage at Maximum Power – Vmp (V) 17.9/35.8
Current at Maximum Power – Imp (A) 8.94/4.47
Solar Module 2 x 80W mono
MPPT Solar Controller 20A MPPT, 12/24V Auto-ID
Bracing Aluminum Rack, angle adjustable
Junction Box IP65
Connector Anderson & Alligator clip

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