APsystems 6.4kW Grid Tie System


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Complete Grid-Tie System by APsystems – 6.4kw Array

YC600Y Dual Module Micro Inverter 240VAC MC4 10
ECU-R Data Logger Comm. for use with YC600Y & YC1000 1
AC Trunk End Cap for use with YC500i and YC600i and YC600Y 2
AC Trunk Cable (2M) 2C 12AWG for use w/ YC600Y & QS1 10
Grid tie Roof Mount System for 20 panels 1
Yingli  320 Watt Solar Panel   Mono           DS_YLM-Ti 320W 20
SOL-1001 SolaDeck (AC/DC Pass thru)  5 position 1
SOL-9002 2 string AC combiner Fuse Kit incl. 2x Fuse Holders, 20A Fuses, Comb. Bus w/Terminal Output, PDB, End Caps. 1
8-3C Teck Cable   Per Foot 70
Siemens Low Voltage Residential Specialty Load Center W0408ML1125 1
Grid Tie Lamicoid sign kit 1
KHGLUG-A Alum Ground Lug with Kinetic Nut 6

376 square feet of roof space required – For Shingle and Metal Roofs