Complete Solar Grid-Tie System by Hoymiles – 7.20kW Array

Everything you need for a 20 panel grid-tie solar system for a 7.20kW array including the Yingli 360 Watt solar panels, SolaDeck, cables, mounts, connectors, micro-inverter, data terminal, and more. We ship from West Kelowna, BC anywhere in Canada at wholesale prices. Contact us to arrange the best freight rate. This is the ideal solar kit for off-grid cabins or small grid-tie home systems.

Package details:

Yingli 360 watt Solar Panel  120 split cell Black on Black 20
SOL-1001 SolaDeck (AC/DC Pass thru)  5 position 1
SOL-9002 2 string AC combiner Fuse Kit incl. 2x Fuse Holders, 20A Fuses, Comb. Bus w/Terminal Output, PDB, End Caps. 1
HM-600 Hoymiles Micro Inverter 600 watt Dual  Step Freq. Compat. 10
HM-1200 Hoymiles Micro Inverter 1200 watt Quad  Step Freq. Compat. 0
HM-DTU-PRO Hoymiles Data Terminal 1
HM-AC PLUG  Hoymiles Male AC Connector    (Use Special Cable WR7040 or WR7045) 2
Cable for Hoymiles Systems  TRAYFLEX-1003 AWG10  —  Cut to length  Per Meter 6
HM-END-CAP-F Hoymiles Female End Cap 1
Grid tie Roof Mount  With RT Mini Bill number of panels 20
3C#8 Teck Cable   Per Foot 70
Siemens Low Voltage Residential Specialty Load Center W0408ML1125 1
Grid Tie Lamicoid sign kit 1
KHGLUG-A Alum Ground Lug with Kinetic Nut 6
Misc. Parts used to build a System 2

376 square feet of roof space required – For Shingle and Metal Roofs