Midnite MNPV6 Disco


Midnite MNPV6 Disco

Midnite MNPV6 Disco enclosure is very versatile and come in AC and DC versions. It will work with 1-6 of our 150 volt DC breakers. The combiner also works with 1 of our 600 volt DC breakers for a grid tie disconnect. You can also install a 240 volt AC breaker with the 600 volt DC breaker to make a complete disconnect for a grid tie inverter. Load Break rated. This configuration makes a compact Grid Tie disconnect for those applications where the built in switch won’t do the trick.

Depending upon the model number, you can use:

      • Type 3R environmental rating
      • DC 600V (1 circuit Pos or Pos and Neg switched)  or DC 150v (6 Circuits) or AC 120v (6 circuits) use the Part no. MNPV6-Disco combiner
      • DC 300V (3 circuits) Part #MNPV6-250-Disco combiner
      • AC 240v 40 amps (3 circuits) Part #MNPV6-AC Micro-Disco combiner
      • AC and DC can be installed in the same box!

    Example: 600Vdc 20 amp PV in and 40 amp 240Vac Inverter output

Enclosure only

Breakers/fuse holders sold separately.

5 year Warranty. Made in USA

Listed by ETL for US & Canada


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