RV Solar Kits


RV Solar Kits

Complete with all the wiring and mounting for your RV or Travel Trailer

Wholesale RV kits make adding solar to your RV easy and affordable. Our kits include a 295w Split-Cell panel, MC4 cables, MPPT charge controller, Remote display, Temp. Sensor, and Z bracket mounting kits.

1 x Canadian Solar™ 295 Watt Solar Panel  Black framed  165cm x 99.2cm x 4cm   19.3kg
1 x 50Amp MPPT Controller  SRNE SR-ML2440 12/24
1 x  Remote Display SRNE and Temp Sensor
1 x MC4 RV cable kit 25 ft Red and 25 ft Black with 2 ends
2 x Z bracket Mounting Kit

Expandable to 2 x 295W Panels. Check out our expansion kits here


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