Sacred Sun 12 Volt FCP-1000 Ah Lead Carbon Battery Bank with racking and busbars

$ 7,607.20

Sacred Sun FCP-1000AH lead carbon batteries

Available in 24V, and 48V configurations complete with racking and busbars

Why buy Sacred Sun batteries from Canadian Solar Wholesale?

With the IPS company group, we buy directly from the manufacturer so warranty coverage is handled directly through our company with the manufacturer.  Other suppliers buy from our companies for resale and do not have access to direct warranty.

Benefits of lead carbon battery technology:

  • More than 5000 cycles at 50% & more than 4200 cycles at 70% depth of discharge for a 15 year cycle life
  •  Special negative active material formula, improves the charge acceptance ability to reduce the negative plate sulphation which is more suitable for the partial state of charge (PSOC) applications
  • Modular design and horizontal installation, compact structure, reducing the space of the installation area, easy installation, convenient maintenance

Sacred Sun batteries provide the power of lithium without the cost – Suitable for battery back-up and off-grid applications.

Advantages of Lead Carbon versus Lithium batteries and Lead-Acid:

  • No BMS (Battery Management System) is needed to prevent over-charging and under-charging on a per cell basis.
  • No thermal run-away risk of individual cells overheating, exploding, and burning.
  • Much greater kW storage capacity per dollar compared with lithium. Approximately twice the storage capacity, or about half the price for the same kW capacity.
  • Easy to carry modular system where each battery can be carried and put in place, without needing any lifting equipment.
  • Suitable for On-Grid Hybrid and Off-Grid systems due to high discharge amperage capacity.
  • No Cooling fans/system needed for lead-carbon batteries.
  • Much higher energy density and longer life in the same size (or smaller) package compared with existing AGM / GEL and Flooded Lead Acid Batteries.
  • No harmful and toxic gases coming off lead-carbon batteries.

Sacred Sun Lead Carbon Batteries



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