Sacred Sun FCP-1000 Lead Carbon Batteries


Sacred Sun FCP-1000AH lead carbon batteries

Available in 12V, 24V, and 48V configurations complete with racking and busbars

Benefits of lead carbon battery technology:

  • More than 5000 cylces at 50% & more than 4200 cycles at 70% depth of discharge for a 15 year cycle life
  •  Special negative active material formula, improves the charge acceptance ability to reduce the negative plate sulphation which is more suitable for the partial state of charge (PSOC) applications
  • Modular design and horizontal installation, compact structure, reducing the space of the installation area, easy installation, convenient maintenance

Sacred Sun batteries provide the power of lithium without the cost – Suitable for battery back-up and off-grid applications.

Advantages of Lead Carbon versus Lithium batteries and Lead-Acid:

  • No BMS (Battery Management System) is needed to prevent over-charging and under-charging on a per cell basis.
  • No thermal run-away risk of individual cells overheating, exploding, and burning.
  • Much greater kW storage capacity per dollar compared with lithium. Approximately twice the storage capacity, or about half the price for the same kW capacity.
  • Easy to carry modular system where each battery can be carried and put in place, without needing any lifting equipment.
  • Suitable for On-Grid Hybrid and Off-Grid systems due to high discharge amperage capacity.
  • No Cooling fans/system needed for lead-carbon batteries.
  • Much higher energy density and longer life in the same size (or smaller) package compared with existing AGM / GEL and Flooded Lead Acid Batteries.
  • No harmful and toxic gases coming off lead-carbon batteries.

Sacred Sun Lead Carbon Batteries