Victron CerboGX Lead Carbon RV Solar Kit

$ 6,350.00

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With the IPS company group, we buy directly from Victron Energy. Our warehouse is the only authorized Victron warranty and repair center in Western Canada.

Victron CerboGX Lead Carbon RV Solar Kit

Remotely control and monitor Victron Energy RV Solar kits with the new CerboGX and Cerbo GX Touch 50 display with built-in bluetooth and Wifi .

The system is a complete all in one solar kit designed to mount on the floor or wall and can fit under a bench or bed in an RV or van.

Victron CerboGX Lead Carbon RV Solar Kit System Details:

1 SmartSolar MPPT 100/50 Solar Charge Controller
1 Victron Energy MultiPlus 12/3000 (Available in 2000W Multiplus Compact)
1 Victron SmartShunt
1 Victron Cerbo GX – Built in Wifi & Bluetooth
2 VE.Direct Cables to connect smartsolar and smartshunt to cerboGX
1 WireBox-M Tr (for Tr models, h=6.9 inch) For Charge controller
1 Victron GX Touch 50 – display screen for Cerbo GX
1 RJ45 UTP Cable 10m VE Bus cable to connect inverter to CerboGX
1 MK3-USB (to program inverter with laptop and to adjust inverter charging parameters in the future)
4 Z bracket kits ( 2 kits, 8 bracket per panel )
2 Longi 360W Solar Panels
1 Y adapter Kit to Parallel Solar Panels
1 4/0 Inverter Cable Kit   12/24V
1 MC4 RV cable kit 25 ft Red and 25 ft Black with 2 ends
1 Bluetooth SmartSense Temp Sensor (for charge controller temp compensation charging)
1 Victron TR Smart DC to DC charger 12/12 30A 360W
1 Midnite MNDC250 Mini DC
1 Midnite Breaker protector
5 Midnite Din Rail Breakers for PV input & output and DC loads
1 System is prewiring, programmed and tested
1 SWE12-100Ah Lead Carbon * Various battery options available
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