Victron CerboGX RV Solar Kit

$ 6,850.00

Victron CerboGX RV Solar Kit

Remotely control and monitor Victron Energy RV Solar kits with the new CerboGX and Cerbo GX Touch 50 display with built-in bluetooth and Wifi .

The system is a complete all in one solar kit designed to mount on the floor or wall and can fit under a bench or bed in an RV or van.

Victron CerboGX RV Solar Kit System Details:

1 SmartSolar MPPT 100/50 Solar Charge Controller
1 Victron Energy MultiPlus 12/3000 (Available in 2000W Multiplus Compact)
1 Victron SmartShunt
1 Victron Cerbo GX – Built in Wifi & Bluetooth
2 VE.Direct Cables to connect smartsolar and smartshunt to cerboGX
1 WireBox-M Tr (for Tr models, h=6.9 inch) For Charge controller
1 Victron GX Touch 50 – display screen for Cerbo GX
1 RJ45 UTP Cable 10m VE Bus cable to connect inverter to CerboGX
1 MK3-USB (to program inverter with laptop and to adjust inverter charging parameters in the future)
4 Z bracket kits ( 2 kits, 8 bracket per panel )
2 Longi 360W Solar Panels
1 Y adapter Kit to Parallel Solar Panels
1 4/0 Inverter Cable Kit   12/24V
1 MC4 RV cable kit 25 ft Red and 25 ft Black with 2 ends
1 Bluetooth SmartSense Temp Sensor (for charge controller temp compensation charging)
1 Victron TR Smart DC to DC charger 12/12 30A 360W
1 Midnite MNDC250 Mini DC
1 Midnite Breaker protector
5 Midnite Din Rail Breakers for PV input & output and DC loads
1 System is prewiring, programmed and tested
1 SWE12-100Ah LiFeP04 Battery * Various battery options
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