Victron Energy Interface MK3-USB (VE.Bus to USB) Cable


Victron MK3-USB (VE.Bus to USB) interface

Victron Energy Interface MK3-USB is a VE.Bus adapter, for connecting to a Multiplus or Quattro inverter/charger. Use this USB to connect the following products to a computer for configuration: Multi, MultiGrid, MultiPlus, MultiPlus-II, Quattro, Inverter (only models with a VE.Bus communication port), ECOmulti, EasySolar, EasyPlus. If you have a VE.Direct device, like a solar controller or battery monitor, you can use a VE.Direct to USB adapter. 

To install the MK3-USB driver on a computer without internet, first download the  MK3-USB driver using VEConfig3 and install it by selecting the menu Special -> USB Drivers. Only afterward connect it to your computer for the first time.
On computers with internet, Windows will automatically download the correct driver itself.